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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
West Midlands

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Creating your perfect image

Non-surgical rhinoplasty in Oldbury, West Midlands by Abigail Eve Aesthetics will provide you with a nose to suit your face and enhance your features with the natural looking results. Non-invasive treatment that lasts between 6 to 12 months.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Fat Dissolving

non-surgical rhinoplasty generally uses hyaluronic acid dermal filler to make small adjustments to change the shape of the nose. Fortunately, non-surgical rhinoplasty can help correct a wide range of imperfections such as;

- A mildly crooked appearance of the nose
- A drooping tip of the nose
- A bump on the bridge of the nose
- A flat bridge of the nose
- Age-related changes
- Poor appearance of the nose following unsuccessful surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical nose jobs work by injecting filler into the tissue on or around the nose and have very little down time.

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